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Spectrum Clinical Research, began its operations in 2005. Our rich research experience, combined with our understanding and knowledge of the health care system in India, enables us to effectively meet the research needs of the pharmaceutical industry and CROs. Our principles, with their diverse experience in health related research, combined with the qualified medical professionals and scientific expertise and qualifications, has allowed us to provide our clients with high quality research services seamlessly across the Unites States and India.
International Standards  

SCR project management personnel and Investigators support our aim of conducting studies that conform to the highest level of quality, compliance, ethical standards and patient care. SCR sites are run by experienced ICH-GCP trained Investigators and the infrastructure are monitored by SCR including laboratory equipment, IT and communications infrastructure. SCR provides complete operational and administrative support in addition to the training, recruitment and deployment of personnel.

SCR supports ICH-GCP compliant trials and accomplishes this through training the Investigators and staff for the same. We also provide expertise in meeting local regulatory standards in diverse therapeutic areas.

Centralized Training

SCR strongly emphasizes on quality by providing rigorous in-service training which is mandatory across all sites. All sites are trained in, and adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and we perform regular internal audits of studies. Our SOPs also ensure a substantial reduction in Subject Drop Out rates.


Completing clinical drug trials and product development in India could be up to 75% faster with its large patient populations, well-trained and enthusiastic investigators. Other factors as mentioned below, makes India an Ideal destination for participating in global drug development programs:

World-class patents regime in place, India is identified as a major resource center for conducting clinical
trials and data management services.
Large pool of talented and GCP-trained investigator state-of-the-art medical and hospital facilities.
Conducting clinical trials in India has 30-50% lower cost compared to the West
The source data is available in English.
Availability of a large pool of treatment-naïve patient.
Large diversity of patient population and disease states.
Indian research data generation is now accepted worldwide.
Well developed communication network with IT capabilities.
Facts & Figures
Number of Hospitals 14000
Number of Doctors 50000
Number of Hospital Beds 700000 ( 85% Urban )
Number of Medical Colleges  162
Number of Medical Graduates 17000 per year
Patient Population Estimates
Asthmatic Patients 40 Million
Diabetic Patients 34 Million
HIV Positive Patients 8-10 Million
Epileptic Patients 8 Million Cancer Patients 3 Million
Cardiac-related Deaths 2 Million
Alzheimer's Disease Patients 1.5 Million
Hypertensive Patients 15 Million
Schizophrenia Patients 1 Million
Bipolar Patients 12 Million
Anxiety Patients 150 Million
Depression Patients 80 Million

Investigator Sites in therapeutic areas ranging from Oncology, Neuro-psychiatry, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology and Preventive Medicine & Wellness. We are currently managing 7 Phase 3, Multi-country, Multi-site International Studies, part of the Global Clinical Development programs of various Multi-National Pharmaceutical Companies.


  Baroda (Vadodara) - 2 Sites


  Surat - 2 Sites


  Mumbai (38sites)
  Nagpur (8 sites)
  Aurangabad (2 sites)
  Nasik (7 sites)
  Pune (14 sites)
  Kolhapur (1 site)

  Delhi & Haryana

  Delhi (13 sites)
  Chandigarh: (4 sites)
  Gurgaon: (5 sites)
  Ludhiana: (3 sites)

  West Bengal   Kolkata: (7 sites)
  Madhya Pradesh

  Bhopal (4 sites)
  Indore: (4 sites)
  Jabalpur: (2 sites)


  Calicut (3 site)
  Cochin (5 sites)
  Cochi: (3 sites)
  Trivendram: (3 sites)


  Chennai (15 sites)
  Coimbature: (5 sites)
  Madurai: (3 sites)
  Vellor: (3 sites)

  Andhrapradesh   Hyderabad: (14 sites)
  Vizag: (4 sites)
  Karnataka   Bangalore: (15 sites)
  Rajasthan   Jaipur : (10 sites)
  Goa   Goa : (2 sites)
  Uttar Pradesh   Lucknow: (4 sites)
  Varansi (1 site)

We have developed these centres with Standard Operating Procedures that are the best practices in the industry and operate with high ethical standards.

Investigators are provided with ICH-GCP training & Uniform SOP's are followed across all sites

Sites with adequate infrastructure.
Most associated with Centralized IRB
Provided with adequate personnel
One point reference and trouble shooting
Centralized contract